Diamond Jewelry for Women

Why Women Love Diamonds

Diamond Jewelry For Women Every piece of diamond jewelry is truly unique, as is each of it's wearers. Diamond jewelry today symbolizes eternity and love. Often referred to as a girl's best friend, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, and women's diamond jewelry in general is loved by women around the world.

When shopping for high quality, women's diamond jewelry know that the purest of diamonds are transparent and colorless. The cost of a genuine diamond is based on quality and price and is always judged by the four Cs: Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Carat refers to the diamonds weight. Clarity is what gemologists refer to the scale of perfection. This also refers to any inclusions (identifying characteristics such as minerals or fractures) in a diamond. Color of the diamond is of the utmost importance. Colorless diamonds are the most desireable. Diamonds are graded on a color scale. Cut of the diamond refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond.

The first step in selecting a diamond engagement ring, or any piece of diamond jewelry is to decide what shape diamond you desire. The following diamond jewelry guide will help you decide your favorite shaped diamond.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Round Shaped or Brilliant Cut Diamonds
This is the most common shape, it's a true classic. Most people think of the round cut when they think diamond. The round cut shows the most brilliance and sparkle out of all the shapes.

Brilliant Cut Round Diamond

Marquis Shaped Diamonds
This is a brilliant-cut, elongated stone with a point on each end. This diamond looks bigger than a round of the same carat weight, even though it weighs less. This is due to the elongated shape.

Marquis Shaped Diamond

Princess Shaped Diamonds
This is a slightly rectangular to a square shaped diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Diamonds
This shape is a four-sided square to slightly rectangular brilliant cut.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamonds
A traditional octagonal cut that is almost always rectangular.

Emerald Shaped Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamonds
This is often referred to as a square emerald cut, this stone is step-cut and square with cropped corners.

Asscher Shaped Diamond

Heart Shaped Diamonds
Fancy cut, shaped like a heart.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Oval Cut Diamonds
Very similar to the round brilliant cut but in an oval shape.

Oval Cut Diamond

Pear Shaped Diamonds
The pear cut offers the brilliance and of a round stone along with the elongated elegance of a marquis.

Pear Shaped Diamond


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