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Fashion Tips for This Week

Costume Jewelry Facts
Stylish low cost fashion jewelry for women that is a bit flashy and sometimes a little over the top in design.

Best Fashion Magazines
Why pay the cover price of a fashion magazine when you don't have to. Read about what Hollywood's celebrities are wearing, current fashion trends and who's designing them.

Clothing That Can Make You Look Ten Pounds Lighter
The style and type of clothing you wear can make you look ten to twenty pounds lighter than what you are.

Jeans for Women Buying Guide
Women come in all shapes and sizes so a certain style or brand of women's jeans that looks good on someone who is tall and slim, may not necessarily look good on a woman who is short and stocky

Classy Diamond Earrings for Women
One of the most desirable features of diamond stud earrings is their sheer versatility. They can be worn on any occassion whether attending a formal evening event wearing a beautiful gown, or with jeans and a sweater. This versatility makes them one of the most popular jewelry gifts that can be given to a women.

Healthy Hair Secrets for Women
Choose the right products for your hair. A professional haircut will ensure that your hair is free from damaged and spit ends and will make your hair look healthy.

Top Rated Hair Dryers for Women
You don't have to spend a small fortune on a hair dryer that will deliver professional results without damaging your hair. We found one low cost dryer that performs just as good as the most expensive ones.

Anti-Aging Skin Care for Women
Essential information you need to know about buying anti-aging skin care products that keep you looking younger. Whether your goal is achieving softer skin, clearer skin, or younger looking skin there are some things you'll need to know before buying the right product.

Trendy Handbags by Coach
Coach handbags are not only highly fashionable but very practical and durable as well. Any woman who is interested in quality, style, and functionality should consider owning a Coach handbag.

Hair Straightening Using Flat Irons
The proper use of a hair straightening flat iron provides you with the right tool used by women of all ages for styling hair quickly and easily.

The Little Black Dress
No woman's wardrobe would be complete without a little black dress. Women today take the clothing item so much for granted as the life saver that it is.

Athletic Shoes for Women Buying Guide
Active women of today own several pairs of quality womens athletic shoes. They understand that they need to have several pairs in order to keep their feet healthy, so as not to develop foot problems in the future.

Professional Hair Coloring Techniques
Your hair color is crucial to getting the right look in a hairstyle. You can use these professional hair coloring techniques yourself or ask your beautician to perform them.

Travel Bags for Women
Buying guide for stylish luggage for women. Featured bags include rolling luggage, laptop bags, luggage sets, carry on bags, duffle bags and backpacks.

Top Selling Brands of Clothing for Women
Classy Gals Fine Fashions For Women is pleased to announce this years fashion list for top selling brands of clothing and fashion accessories for women. We used the results of what clothing and fashion accessories women and juniors are buying online from major clothing retailers, clothing outlets and eBay auctions.

Stylish Tote Bags for Women
These essential bags provide more space for your needs and feature straps designed to make carrying them easier on the shoulders.

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