Best Fashion Magazines for Women

Beauty, Hair, and Fashion all come into play when browsing through a fashion magazine. It's always a shame, though, to have to pay the high cover price of a popular fashion magazine.

Well now there's great news, gals! You can get your favorite fashion magazine at a tremendously discounted price. Up to 80% off the cover price! That's a real nice savings. Don't buy your fashion magazines at the store or magazine stand. Why pay the cover price of a fashion magazine when you don't have to. Below is listed some of the best discounted fashion magazines that are published. So if you like being informed on current trends in fashions and reading interesting beauty related articles, get a subscription today.

In Style Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine Treat yourself-celebrity style! InStyle magazine invites you to meet celebrities at home to see how they express themselves in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Indulge yourself with each monthly issue, as you read about what Hollywood's wearing- and who's designing it, where to get beautiful and much more!

InStyle (1-year auto-renewal)
from: Amazon

Cosmopolitan Magazine

womans fashion magazine The largest-selling young women's magazine in the world, Cosmopolitan is famous for its upbeat style, focus on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Cosmopolitan is the largest selling young women's magazine in the world!

Cosmopolitan - 1 Year
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Glamour Magazine

glamor magazine Glamour magazine gives you the best hair and beauty tips, fashion do's and don'ts, answers to your relationship questions, with monthly horoscopes and important health and diet news. Targeted age group for women readers is eighteen to forty nine years of age.

Glamour - 1 Year - $16.00
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More Magazine

More Magazine If your a woman over 40, this magazine speaks to you! For women of style and substance, MORE magazine celebrates the twenty "new" years women now have in the middle of their lives. Each issue of MORE magazine features articles on health, beauty, relationships, travel, money, home and fashion. With the focus always on 20 somethings in today's society, its so refreshing to be able to read about topics of interest that are relavant to women over 40.

More Magazine (1-year auto-renewal)
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