Professional Hair Coloring Techniques

Hair Coloring Techniques The majority of women today do color their hair. They either seek out a good beautician with expertize in professional hair coloring techniques, or color it at home themselves. If your someone that is looking for a hair color change and want to know what's fashionable in hair coloring techniques, read on.

You can use these professional hair coloring techniques yourself or ask your beautician to perform them. Your hair color is crucial to getting the right look in a hairstyle. You want your hair to appear natural, but brighten your appearance. No woman wants to be left with unnatural, uneven or irregular color.

Shades of Hair Color

First you must understand how hair color works. Hair color is graded into 10 shades with platinum blonde as a 10 and jet black as a 1. Then for each of these shades of hair color there is an underlying pigment, for instance a 3 which is medium brown hair color will have a red pigment underneath, so if you just lighten it you will show a much redder hair color than a lighter brown! Being aware of how to neutralize or enhance your underlying hair color pigment is of massive importance when coloring your hair.

Once you have decided on a hair color and understand how to apply your hair coloring products to achieve this you must run a stand test. Never apply hair color to your entire head of hair without a strand test first. There are several professional hair coloring techniques that are used today.

Highlighting Hair Color Techniques:
One of the first innovations in hair coloring, highlights adds shine and brightens hair. This hair coloring technique works best in warmer shades of hair such as gold, amber and reds.

Twilighting Hair Color Techniques:
This is a way of toning down overly bright hair color by adding some darker tones into the mix for dramatic effect.

Lowlights Hair Color Techniques:
Similar to twilighting, lowlights add depth to hair and can soften the look of too bright hair. By adding a few different hair colors here and there a skilled stylist can add a new dimension to flat looking hair color either subtly or dramatically!

Veiling Hair Color Techniques:
Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Chunking Hair Color Techniques:
This technique takes large, random sections of hair and infuses them with new hair color. Chunking is a hair coloring technique that gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle, often by adding bright, trendy colors to your natural hair color.

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